Our 100+ person staff of [nylon]architects[/nylon][nylon lang=”en-GB”]architectural[/nylon] and interior designers includes seven principals. Our main office is in Chicago’s Loop. Our London office serves the European data [nylon]center[/nylon][nylon lang=”en-GB”]centre[/nylon] market.

We are guided by the following principles:

It is a hell of a thing to build a good building. The joy we get from practicing architecture is infectious, spreading to our clients, our peers, and to those who construct our work.

Design excellence is our responsibility. Architecture requires abundant human, financial and natural resources. In exchange for the privilege of designing, we owe excellence to our clients, to those who will live with our built work, and to the world we inhabit.

Innovation sets us apart. Incremental improvements can have an effect out of all proportion to their size. Innovation is evolutionary as opposed to revolutionary, the result of genuine and enduring curiosity. Our clients expect it. It is our competitive advantage.

Architecture is an act of collective intelligence. We stand on the shoulders of architects who came before us. We honor the skills and contributions of peers, clients and builders. We mentor as opposed to compete. We share success.