Performance Driven, Poetically Crafted Architecture

Dharam Dholakia

Originally from India, Dharam earned a Bachelor in Civil Engineering from Sadar Patel University, Gujarat, India.  When he is not travelling around the world enjoying old style architecture you will find him listening to soft music or exercising.

Although he studied Civil Engineering, he has always had an interest and passion for architecture. Dharam’s primary education started with Technical school which influenced his interest in drawings, design and technology. With over 18 years’ experience within architectural practices he has always had a passion for architecture. He admires everything from planning, accuracy, and precision of unique buildings from around the world with their own architectural character and style, particularly ones constructed before modern technology existed. He loves old Victorian style buildings, the ones mostly made from stone.

As a vegetarian, Dharam believes it is a responsibility of each and every individual to avoid using plastic and stop eating meat in everyday life to do their bit to help stop the rapid advancement of global warming.


Dharam, a father of two, likes to spend time with his family.