Performance Driven, Poetically Crafted Architecture

Jenna is a country-kid at heart. She grew up on a small farm near Northfield, Wisconsin and goes back frequently to get her fill of fresh air and puppy love. Jenna’s path to architecture was a bit circuitous. She studied and earned degrees in history and political science long before she ever thought of being an architect. She also traveled the world for a few years after college teaching English in South Korea then Turkey before finally deciding to pursue architecture. In 2013, she headed back to school to earn herself a Master’s in Architecture at IIT, graduating at the top of her class and gaining the leadership award for her years of dedicated work in school.

Apart from directing her energies into her projects at SNHA, Jenna fills her time with non-fiction books on society and culture, long-distance running in the forest preserves around Chicago, and visiting friends and family wherever they may be.

When she was 15, Jenna created a dance school for elementary-age children and had dreams of going to college for dance.