Performance Driven, Poetically Crafted Architecture

Growing up nearly 200 miles from Chicago in Robinson, Illinois, Matt now spends his time exploring the city on bike and foot, snapping photos of different textures and scenes right on his phone. He also enjoys participating in various design competitions and catching up on reading/watching trashy sci-fi when he has the chance.

As an architect, Matt appreciates how fun, thoughtful design can have a positive impact on community, finds inspiration in design exploration and hands-on tinkering, and although recognizing it as a guilty pleasure, loves glass block and its potential. Matt holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana and a Master of Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago


A self-proclaimed amateur botanist, Matt attempts to grow peppers indoors year-round. He even once successfully performed surgery on a squash plant to save it from squash vine borer.