Performance Driven, Poetically Crafted Architecture

Dodson Place

Mixed Use Development

Residential, Retail, Office & Parking

Dodson Place preserves a historic house as the centerpiece for redevelopment. Building extensions wrap to form a courtyard that has become the community’s public square. New housing across the street gives the development a critical mass that has breathed new life into the quaint downtown.

This project preserves and restores the historic Dodson House and adapts it to new market-rate use.

The original Dodson House is the centerpiece around which the development is designed.

The original Dodson House uniquely blends local stone building traditions and east coast shingle style architecture. This fusion is the basis for the architecture of Dodson Place, which adapts historic forms and materials to a mixed-use program and to contemporary building standards. The development’s rich architectural variety is harmonizedharmonised by its obvious origins in Dodson House.