Performance Driven, Poetically Crafted Architecture

Kinzie Park

High‐Rise Condominiums

208 Units of 800 to 2,600 SF

Kinzie Tower’s unique shape is the result of market-driven goals. The curved façade increases views of Chicago’s skyline. The sawtooth stepping integrates the balcony into the unit plan and creates a sense of privacy unusual for high-rise multifamily design.

The tower’s curving sawtooth plan distinguishes Kinzie Park from competing concrete-box condominium buildings.

Three floors were added to the building during construction to accommodate market demand.

If the building’s unique shape is the result of pragmatic concerns, its execution is the result of thoughtful aesthetic considerations that distinguish it in a competitive marketplace. The building’s taught, unadorned skin emphasizesemphasises its plastic form. Deep balconies create heavy shadows that add a human scale. The curving, stepped roofline animates the building against the sky.