Performance Driven, Poetically Crafted Architecture


Academic and Squash CenterCentre

Engaging Underserved Chicago Youth

MetroSquash is a not-for-profit agency dependent on private donations. The design of the new facility is necessarily cost-effective and attractive to inspire gift giving. The economical single-story design drove the size of the site. An interior ‘donut’ organizationorganisation separates students in classrooms and squash courts and accommodates the daily student changeovers between the two.

MetroSquash serves more than 400 students a year through a holistic, pathway approach of year-round programming.

The hybrid program empowers students to realizerealise their full academic, athletic, and personal potential.

Construction costs are minimizedminimised by using an economical precast concrete ‘box’ to enclose squash areas, which represent the largest portion of the building. A stick-built structure enclosing classrooms and passageway are layered over the precast structure along the primary public exposures. Its undulating roof form enlivens the street façade and evokes the path of a bouncing squash ball.