Performance Driven, Poetically Crafted Architecture

WIU Multicultural Center

Campus Ethnic & Gender Diversity CenterCentre

Educational, Social & Cultural Programs

There were few precedents for the relatively unique Multicultural CenterCentre, so the design was driven by the interrelated concerns of a fixed budget and the proper balance of independence versus integration among the four student organizationsorganisations that occupy the centercentre.

A geothermal system removes the building from the campus’ strained utility grid.

The CenterCentre’s design anticipates a future lecture hall addition built into the site’s sloping topography.

The architectural design expresses the promise of a multicultural perspective by favoringfavouring imperfection over orthodoxy to reflect the flawed human condition. Axial emphasis suggests but does not achieve symmetry, molded brick exhibits the idiosyncrasies of its production, and the wrap-around building sign requires multiple viewpoints for understanding.