Performance Driven, Poetically Crafted Architecture

Studio 300; Fountaindale Public Library District

Digital Media Lab

Fountaindale Public Library

Studio 300 reflects a general shift in library services from “content consumption” towards “content creation.” The central space functions as a kind of public square for digital media production. It is surrounded by sound isolating recording booths of various sizes, digital group work and teleconferencing rooms, and video recording studios complete with professional grade lighting, cameras and control room.

Studio 300 gives library users access to ‘prosumer’ grade video and audio production equipment.

The studio supports video creation and audio recording of many kinds from six-piece bands to individual podcasts.

Studio 300’s floor plan splays open in a welcoming gesture to users of all ages. Some materials and finishes like wood columns and ceilings relate the studio to other areas of the library. Others like the stimulating colorscolours and the ceiling tile pattern based on a deconstructed piano keyboard are intended to distinguish the space and give it a vitality unusual for a library space.