curiosity + innovation

Our AR+D team brings together diverse areas of interest and expertise to explore industry innovations. We pair intense curiosity with an applied research design approach to identify, define, communicate, and solve our clients’ most complex challenges. Our team leverages design, sustainability, data, research, and technology in a collaborative environment driving us to leading edge solutions.
New design technologies, are being developed and introduced every day, while existing technologies are constantly being improved and updated. Advanced Design Technology at SNHA is a multi-discipline group of subject-matter experts and specialists constantly pursuing state-of-the art solutions to serve our clients. Through close collaboration with industry leaders, technology partnerships, and persistent research, we gain a deep knowledge of the latest software developments and innovative technologies. We use this knowledge to enhance our own technologies – creating innovative solutions tailored to our clients' needs and enhancing our long-standing core services.

  Data Analytics
  Virtual & Augmented Reality
  4D BIM for Construction Sequencing & Product Design
  Technology Partnerships & Technology-Enhanced Services
  Application Development
The integration of sustainable practices, strategies, and choices into the design, construction, and operation of buildings is imperative for our future. Through data collection and analysis, education, industry partnerships, technological integration, and strategic intervention, we support our clients, architects, and construction partners in building a sustainable future.

  Life-Cycle Analysis (Embodied Carbon)
  Energy Performance (Operational Carbon)
  Energy Modeling
  Materials Research
  Industry Partnership
  Tool Development (Data Collection & Analysis)
  Code Compliance Reviews
  LEED Submittals
Visual communication and information design are essential to strategic messaging and impactful decision making. Through mixed media and compelling graphics, we distill complex ideas into easily digestible visuals, facilitating rapid and broad communication. 

  Visual Storytelling
  Information Design
The productization of buildings is crucial for the construction industry to address efficiency, skilled labor shortage, and supply chain instability. Through research, prototyping, and detailed collaboration we design components of all scales for pre-fabrication, manufacturing, and installation. 

  Market + Product Research
  Feasibility Research
  Development + Engineering 
  Mock-ups and Prototyping (physical and digital)
  Implementation + Delivery Method Planning 
  Installation + Assembly Evaluation
Strategic, interdisciplinary design is critical for delivering complex, rapidly evolving building programs at scale. Through research, interviews, and charettes, we become experts in our clients’ needs. We serve as interpreters, distilling the wants and needs of various groups into clear and actionable directives to others. 

  User Group Engagement
  Pre- and Post-Occupancy Reviews
  Standards Development
  Design Frameworks
  Process Development