Architecture + Interiors

design + construction

We believe in the power of collaboration to deliver thoughtful, well-designed buildings that exceed expectations. We work closely with clients understand their goals, uncover opportunities, and develop innovative ideas that will ensure the success of the project.

One of our core strengths is our ability to tackle some of the most complex and challenging building projects in the industry. Through the design process we understand the intricacies involved in coordinating various elements and stakeholders, and we take pride in our ability to seamlessly integrate technical expertise, aesthetic considerations, and functional requirements. From concept development through construction administration, we offer a comprehensive suite of architecture and interior design services that cater to new buildings, retrofits, and adaptive reuse (repurposed design) projects.

For us design takes care, intention, and a meticulous attention to detail. Nothing is left to chance, and everything is purposefully designed. We believe in the power of efficient and economic design without compromising the beauty and elegance in our work.

Design Principles

It is a hell of a thing to build a good building. The joy we get from practicing architecture is infectious, spreading to our clients, our peers, and to those who construct our work.

Design excellence is our responsibility. Architecture requires abundant human, financial, and natural resources. In exchange for the privilege of designing, we owe excellence to our clients, to those who will live with our built work, and to the world we inhabit.

Innovation sets us apart. Incremental improvements can have an effect out of all proportion to their size. Innovation is revolutionary and evolutionary, the result of genuine and enduring curiosity. Our clients expect it. It is our competitive advantage.

Architecture is an act of collective intelligence. We stand on the shoulders of architects who came before us. We honor the skills and contributions of peers, clients, and builders. We mentor as opposed to compete. We share success.

“Design, for me, means care. It should be evident when you look at a project delivered from our office that we took care with every part of it, nothing happened accidentally. For us, it’s about efficiency and economy and beauty.” 
– Neil Sheehan