Chheng Lim Leads Discussion at A’22 Conference on Architecture

Data Center Design for a Physically Connected Digital World

June 24, 2022

At this year’s AIA Conference on Architecture, Associate Chheng Lim led the conference’s first conversation on data center design with “Where the Internet Lives: Data Center Design for a Physically Connected Digital World.” As a leader on some of SNHA’s largest, most complex data center projects, Chheng provided an introduction to data center design, its impacts on practice and architecture, and considerations for maintaining the global internet ecosystem.

“Using Sheehan Nagle Hartray’s design of the Fort Worth Data Center Administration Building as a case study—winner of a Distinguished Building Award from AIA Chicago in 2020—Lim explained how architects on data center projects are faced with a unique challenge in how they are trained to think: in terms of human-scale design. These data spaces, she explains, may not be made to accommodate humans, but they are “human by proxy”—and they represent an expanded role for architects in our new internet-led wave of industrialization. ”

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