Alexandra Kravel

LEED AP BD+C | Denver, CO

Originally from Russia, Alex found her way to California before discovering the vibrant architectural scene of Chicago. In 2021, she made the decision to relocate and joined SNHA. At SNHA, Alex focuses on designing data centers with a strong emphasis on sustainability. She is passionate about integrating eco-friendly practices into her day-to-day design process, constantly seeking innovative approaches.

With her Siberian roots, she is accustomed to harsh winters, enduring temperatures as low as -40°F. However, she finds solace and inspiration in the warmth of tea. Always on the lookout for new teas and recipes, Alex’s love for tea complements her creative spirit. Through her diverse background and commitment to sustainability, Alex stands as a remarkable individual shaping the architectural landscape with her unique vision and dedication.

Alex has a collection of quarters from all 50 states.