Denis Blanc

Sustainability Director | AIA, LEED AP BD+C | Chicago, IL

Raised in a Paris suburb, Denis found each journey to the capital to be an adventure—a sentiment that still drives his passion for exploring architecture and urban landscapes today. Whether it’s the rich history of Vichy, his birthplace, the natural beauty of an Alpine glacier, the compelling narrative of Detroit’s deindustrialization, or the stark, mesmerizing landscapes of the Middle East desert, Denis sees every location as uniquely fascinating due to its geography, history, and inhabitants.

As an architect, Denis thrives on interdisciplinary collaboration to tackle complex challenges, aiming to deliver practical, eco-friendly solutions. His role as a sustainability leader focuses on understanding the implications of population growth in a resource-constrained world and identifying viable strategies for sustainable living.

Outside of work, Denis enjoys strolling along Lake Michigan, engaging in conversations about life in the US and Europe, and capturing the natural world through his lens. Keeping in touch with France, greeting every neighborhood dog, and occasionally playing the electric guitar also fill Denis’ leisure time, often more swiftly than he’d like.