Patrick Griffin

Product Design Specialist | Chicago, IL

If you ever need help planning a vacation on a budget, ask Patrick for advice. He once took a 10-day trip from Chicago to Paris, Ireland, Denmark, and back on $350… including airfare. Born and raised in Lakeview, Chicago, just a few blocks from Lake Michigan, Patrick also developed a love for sailing and swimming over the years, noting that at one point in his life he spent more time on water than on land.

As a designer, he finds great joy in simple rules that create complex patterns and for inspiration, likes to draw from the natural textures of the earth. “Nature has spent billions of years iterating on her innovations. I don’t regularly have that kind of time, so I do my best to take notes and pay it forward.” Patrick holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Kansas.

Patrick once hijacked a manufacturing robot and turned it into a 3D printer for pottery.