Spencer Goff

Chicago, IL

Hailing from Jonesboro, Arkansas, Spencer is a globetrotter who has explored 21 countries and called two of them home. His diverse experiences have shaped his wide array of interests, encompassing rock climbing, painting, printmaking, computer programming, woodworking, weightlifting, and cooking.

Growing up in subpar and poorly designed homes, Spencer developed a passion for transforming spaces into livable, beautiful, and sustainable environments for their inhabitants. He firmly believes that the narrative of a built work is paramount in his designs, infusing each project with a compelling story. He pursued his academic journey at Lyon College, earning a B.A. in Math with minors in Physics and Art before pursuing a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology and Korea University.

Spencer’s zest for life is driven by the experiential qualities he encounters, whether it’s exploring historic sites, creating iPhone apps, enjoying card games with friends, or crafting furniture for his apartment.

Spencer has a cat named Ranch Dressing.