Ted Colburn

Product Development Director | San Francisco CA

Ted grew up in Colorado wheree spent most of his childhood skiing, whitewater canoeing, and backpacking with his family. In his teens, he learned to windsurf and discovered that he loved being out on the water just as much as on the snow. This infludenced Ted to eventually moved out to the California bay area, where he could windsurf anytime and also have a short drive up to the ski slopes. Nowadays, Ted and his wife enjoy kayaking, biking, and hiking with our dog through the local hills.

Ted has a BFA from Colorado State University, splitting his time there studying mechanical engineering and 3D sculptural arts. For as long as he can remember, Ted has had the desire to understand, disassemble, and sometimes rebuild various products around him. Most of his inspiration comes from discovering a frustration or poor design with a particular product and then finding a way to improve it. With his father and grandfathers all having been engineers, Ted grew up with a mindset that anyone can solve problems, invent new things, and build just about anything if you try hard enough. He loves finding new ways to look at problems and discovering unique solutions that no one else has found before.

Ted has over 12 patents ranging from contraceptive medical devices to unique flexible electronic circuits and LED lighting systems that are widely used in Meta’s data centers.

Ted invented a product called “The Beer Belly” and it’s companion product “The Wine Rack.” 😊.