Tony LoBello

Business Development Director | AIA | Chicago, IL

When Tony isn’t connecting clients and designers, you might find him reading up on U.S. History and the founding of our nation. He is fascinated by stories of how people shaped the Constitution made a meaningful impact on our ideals. In his career, Tony is driven by making a meaningful impact on our clients; he is proud to be part of projects that achieve success by improving our clients’ ability to work with the aid of the built environment. Tony received his Bachelor of Architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology and has over 28 years of industry experience. He describes his preferred architectural aesthetic as thoughtful with a simple message.

Tony is the son of immigrants from Sicily and was the first in his family to attend college. He is fluent in both Italian and Sicilian. His passion for both gardening and ‘sauce’ go hand-in-hand as he cans endless jars of tomatoes every summer for use in cooking traditional Sicilian dishes. Bon appititu!

Tony is like the New York Times—he needs three sources to validate a story.