Project Stats
Area: 665,500 SF
Type: Hyperscale
Completion: 2023

Crook County Data Center

High Desert Multistory

The client’s first multi-story data center in North America rethinks their conventional building typology, presenting a new and innovative form. The design is a direct response to site conditions, carefully arranging the systems within the building to maximize efficiency.

  • The project was the Client’s first two-story data center in North America.

Both floors of the facility are comprised of data halls, electrical distribution, cooling infrastructure, and support spaces, vertically stacked to minimize openings in the façade. Adjacent to the data halls, the administration building accommodates reception areas, offices, meeting spaces, and a dedicated training room. This multifunctional training space caters to both on-site employees and visitors from the client’s other data centers across the country.

  • The design was inspired by local geological features such as basalt rock.

The architectural language and materials, established through a decade of campus construction, draw inspiration from the surrounding region. The primary façade prominently faces the public way, solidifying the connection between the campus and the community. The rhythm of the vertical elements, influenced by the basalt rock formations and refined by the campus’s first building, creates a familiar and elegant workspace.