Project Stats
Area: 684,000 SF 
Type: Hyperscale
Completion: 2023

Clonee Data Center

Data near Dublin

A hyper-scale data center complex comprising of two data centers and core IT spaces connected by a shared administration building. The administration building includes offices, welfare facilities, a shipping & receiving area, and enhanced landscape design. This building represents the second phase of an 83-hectare site, which also includes a new high-voltage substation and guardhouse at the main site entrance.

  • The project is the owner’s second data center in Europe.

Unlike the first building on campus which employed an Indirect Air Cooling (IAC) rooftop mechanical system, this design utilizes IAC in combination with a hybrid chilled water-cooled strategy.

  • The project is powered by renewable energy.

Working closely with engineers, consultants, and contractors, SNHA adapted the client’s reference design to meet new requirements while maintaining the more familiar layout used across the program. Additionally, a comprehensive project optimization exercise was conducted to assess the efficiencies of the final design.