Project Stats
Area: 500,000 SF
Type: Hyperscale
Completion: 2018

AIA Chicago Distinguished Building Award, 2020

Fort Worth Data Center

From Dirt to Data in Under Two Years

At 500,000 square feet, FTW1-2 was the Client’s largest data center at time of completion. Each data hall provides 34 MW of IT power, totaling 68 MW for FTW1-2. Breaking ground in 2015, the facility was online and serving traffic by May 2017, utilizing a phased building turnover to maximize schedule efficiency. Thanks to our unique penthouse design, the data centers are cooled using outside air instead of energy-intensive air conditioners. Additionally, the building is 80% more water-efficient than the average data center.

The project houses the first 2 of 5 data halls on the Fort Worth campus and contains 1 of 3 admin buildings on the campus


The project is served by 100% renewable energy. The Client collaborated to erect a 200MW wind farm 90 miles from site.

The perforated panels on FTW1-2’s admin façade contain secret messages. Pairs of perforated panels spell out phrases that emphasize company culture using an inverse IBM punch code. Adding function to the form, the perforated panels on the façade are designed and located to provide sun shading for the southwest facing elevation, while providing security for the admin building courtyards. They are clustered to provide privacy screening for the more private functions of the admin building such as conference rooms.