Performance Driven, Poetically Crafted Architecture


Rapid Deployment Data CenterCentre

Prefabricated Modular System

Building systems had to mitigate harsh arctic conditions. Prefabricated modular units minimizedminimised on-site construction, maximizedmaximised quality control and break down the building’s massive scale. Carefully designed thermal breaks separate the freezing environment from the humid data centercentre environment to mitigate potential condensation.

The main data halls are among the earliest and largest prefabricated facilities of this type.

‘Cold roof’ design limits freeze-thaw cycling and prevents ice dam formation.

The project achieved LEED Platinum Certification.

LLA2’s design alludes to vernacular Scandinavian architecture through its use of warm materials and the way it captures precious daylight. Offices are enclosed in a wood-finish rain screen with perforations that provide views out and create playful patterns of light inside. Wood finishes dominate office interiors, which is daylit by tall curtain walls offering expansive views of the surrounding forest.