Performance Driven, Poetically Crafted Architecture


Colocation Data CenterCentre

East Coast Headquarters

As a headquarters building, DC11 sets a standard for the client’s data centercentre business. Corporate offices are thoughtfully integrated with the high‐tech data hall spaces that provide N+1 redundancy supported by ten 2.5 megawatt generators. The design accommodates phased installation of prefabricated electrical skids.

Offices accommodate client’s East Coast headquarters.

Twenty custom‐fabricated rooftop units cool the data centercentre.

The centercentre’s multi‐story, compact massing is articulated with the same precision as planning for the data hall spaces. The detailing of metal wall panels, glass curtain wall and mechanical enclosures are thoughtfully coordinated. Irregular window patterns and a collage approach to materials add an element of delight inside and out.