Project Stats
Area: NA 
Type: Prototype
Completion: 2014

Reference Design Prototype

Turning Stick Built Construction into Modular Components

SNHA has collaborated with an international data center owner to develop a modular design for their reference design data center facilities. The design features flexible modules, available in both one-story and two-story variants, with each module measuring 240 feet in length and 60 feet in width. These modules are equipped with raised floor space, electrical equipment rooms, corridors, and an equipment yard area. The design can accommodate three different mechanical systems, providing flexibility for the data center owner.

  • The project is a flexible one- and two-story designs that can accommodate three different mechanical systems.

In addition to the data center modules, the design includes an office component that can be tailored to the required size based on the number of data center blocks. The design of this office block defines the exterior branding for the company. Detailed Revit files have been created for all components, allowing for easy customization and combination of modules in various sizes and configurations to generate a complete building design file. This comprehensive file expedites the creation of entitlement and construction drawings, streamlining the project timeline.