Kristja Frasheri

Chicago, IL

Kristja, originally from Tirana, the capital of Albania, discovered her passion for architecture at a young age. With a pencil and a piece of paper always in hand, she found solace and creative expression through drawing. Encouraged by her mother, Kristja decided to pursue architecture as her field of study. Seeking new opportunities and experiences, she enrolled at the Polytechnic University of Tirana at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Design, and moved to the United States.

She transferred to the University of Illinois in Chicago, where she continued her architectural education and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Architecture. Throughout her academic journey, Kristja has been captivated by the inherent connection between history and future. This fascination has driven her to approach every project with a deep sense of respect for the craft and a keen awareness of the environmental impact that her designs can have.

Kristja’s favorite smell in the world is the aroma of Turkish coffee being brewed in a small pot.