Liliane Tran

Chicago, IL

Always keeping her hands busy, you can find Liliane painting, cooking, creating floral arrangements, cake decorating, and designing clothing. She is currently working on a food blog as a place to craft her own recipes, appreciative of the ability for a dish to harken both comfort and novelty. Ask her for a quick recipe, a mysterious painting, or for a blooming bundle of flowers! In return, she asks that you tell her a funny joke.

Liliane tends to question the duality of architecture. To her, architecture is fundamentally a universal language, but also a language that isn’t privy to most. She spends her time exploring, understanding, and confronting this gap. Less seriously, she is quite curious about the use of dance to interpret sculptural installations.

After graduating from Yale University with a double major in Architecture and the History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health, Liliane made it back to her hometown of Chicago, continuing to enjoy sunsets over the lake.

Liliane giggles a lot. Maybe too much.