Noah Rosenthal

Product Design Specialist | Madison, WI

Noah, originally from Evanston, IL, has settled in the vibrant city of Madison, WI. In his spare time, he immerses himself in the abundance of outdoor activities that Madison offers. During winter, Noah indulges in cross-country skiing and ice skating, relishing cozy evenings with a hot beverage and a home-cooked meal. As the warmer months arrive, he channels his passion for windsurfing as a volunteer instructor at a local community sailing club. He also enjoys biking, hiking, running, paddleboarding, and witnessing breathtaking sunsets over the water. With a fiancé who is into birding, Noah enjoys learning about the winged residents who spend their time in his area – sandhill cranes being his favorite.
As a designer, Noah is motivated by high-quality and positively impactful work, and considers himself fortunate to be a part of a team who is doing that. He notes, “We are adept at digging deep within a given project or industry to understand the adjacent stakeholders and initiatives. This affords us with a comprehensive view of the interconnectedness at play to ultimately maximize the impact of our design work.” Noah has had the opportunity to work on diverse design projects. From collaborating with non-profits, consumer product companies, big tech firms, and startups, to engaging with a cacao farm in Brazil, his experiences have cultivated a versatile skill set and a deep appreciation for the multifaceted nature of design.

Noah earned his B.S. in Manufacturing and Design Engineering from Northwestern University.

Noah was a competitive sailor in college, and captained a team that competed in College Sailing Nationals.