Olivia Moore

Interior Designer | Chicago, IL

Olivia is a 22-year-old interior designer from Galloway, Ohio. In her free time, she immerses herself in TV series, historical building videos, and various creative pursuits like music writing, painting, and thrifting. An avid podcast enthusiast, Olivia has indulged in countless hours of ghost, true crime, and comedy genres. She finds relaxation through workouts and cozy naps with her cat, Rue.

Driven by the profound impact of architecture and design on the human psyche, Olivia focuses on creating equitable and sustainable spaces. Inspired by historical buildings, she designs with a dual emphasis on individual experiences and broader community and environmental impacts. Olivia’s design process involves deep listening and innovative thinking to reflect clients’ needs and identities.

Olivia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Kent State University, where she also completed an Associate of Arts degree. With a passion for astrology, numerology, and personality-related topics, Olivia is always eager for engaging conversations. Growing up in a creative household, her artistic perspective was nurtured by her art teacher and freelance artist mother, as well as her graphic designer, musician, and published author father.

A left-handed individual, Olivia enjoys savoring Woodford Reserve as her favorite adult beverage. Her diverse interests, dedication to design, and client-centric approach make Olivia a dynamic and insightful interior designer.

Woodford reserve is Olivia’s favorite adult beverage.