Ricardo Sandoval

Chicago, IL

Ricardo hails from Aurora, Illinois, with family roots in Aguascalientes and Mexico City. Growing up in Chicago and later settling in Aurora, he developed a range of interests influenced by his family, including drawing, woodworking, and reading, and rock climbing. From an early age, Ricardo’s passion for building things led him to envision becoming an architect, driven by the desire to bring his imagination to life.

Ricardo aims to make a lasting impact by crafting spaces that inspire and captivate. He pursued his architectural aspirations at the University of Illinois at Chicago, earning both a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a Master of Architecture. Throughout his journey, he discovered inspiration in the opportunity to shape the built environment, infusing fascination, beauty, and joy into the world through design.

Beyond his architectural pursuits, Ricardo delved into woodworking after taking a class in high school focused on designing and crafting furniture and cabinetry. Additionally, he spent seven years working at a rock climbing gym, teaching lessons and training young climbers to excel at a national level.

Ricardo is learning to make traditional and authentic Mexican dishes.