Rudy Sanchez

BIM Coordinator | Chicago, IL

Rudy, originally from Merrillville, Indiana, developed a passion for design while visiting Chicago and being captivated by its architecture. This fueled his dream of working in the architecture industry in downtown Chicago.

Alongside his love for design, Rudy discovered a passion for self-improvement through fitness. He enjoys working out, participating in mud runs, and weightlifting competitions, constantly pushing himself to reach new levels. Rudy works as a part-time personal trainer and group fitness coach, sharing his passion for health and wellness with others. In his spare time, Rudy also indulges in his love for music, always on the lookout for new discoveries.

Now residing in Chicago, he embraces the opportunity to explore both the United States and overseas destinations. With a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies and a minor in Urban Planning from Arizona State University, Rudy strives to create meaningful spaces that enhance everyday life.

Rudy loves listening to podcasts.